How to Easily Choose Fonts for Your Blog Graphics

how to easily choose fonts for your blog graphics

I was always trying to be creative on the computer when I was a kid. As a teen, I sat in my room and made website layouts and played with Adobe Photoshop for hours on end. It was probably more like an obsession than a hobby for awhile. I often would refer to a homemade font style guide in a Word document for picking out a typeface more quickly on my computer. I hated cycling through a list of tiny font examples in the programs I used to get a good idea of what a font would look like.

It’s rather time consuming to easily choose fonts for your blog graphics when you are sitting there, clicking every choice on the list.

I made my style guide by copying and pasting the same word over and over, making each one a different style. All the fonts were there in front of me without me needing to go through the list in Photoshop. They were also displayed at a more adequate size. When I wanted to select one, I just clicked the one I liked and looked at what the name of the face was.

The other day, I was exploring the interwebs and I came across a website that caused me to have a, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. There in front of me was Basically, a similar concept to what I had been doing eons ago–but better!

how to choose fonts for your blog with

What does is it finds the fonts residing on your computer and shows them to you like the image above. You can type in the word or phrase you’d like to see in your font styles, make the text bigger or smaller, and see the letters in all caps or lowercase.

how to choose fonts for your blog images with

Another thing you can do is to reverse the black and white to make your text white on a black background. So, if you want the words white, you’d click the word negative at the top of the screen. Click positive for black text which is the default option when you first visit the site.

The names of the fonts are also displayed below each typeface so you can easily find it in whatever program you are using.

Another cool feature is, you can filter certain fonts out of the bunch to see them together.

how to choose fonts for blog graphics with

Just click the font examples you are contemplating so that a green box appears around your selection. Once you have chosen them, click on filter selected at the top right of the page. It helps to see them side by side like that, don’t you think?

From there, you can also share the fonts that you have picked out with someone else. Don’t worry, it doesn’t share the actual font file. You are given a url you can share with a client or design partner in order for them to see your selections and give you their feedback.

I really love it when I can find handy design tools like this! What are some of your favorite tools that make your creative process a bit easier? Comment below!

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