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I value transparency in blogging and online media and I want to be sure I deliver transparency to my readers as well. Below is where you will find information regarding my blogging policy, and information regarding potential reviews, ads, and sponsored posts. Let’s also not forget about your privacy!

Blogging Policy

Anything written on this blog is my opinion. If I do not like a product or service, I will not be writing about it. I do not want to write an article if I cannot stand behind something. With that being said, I will always give an honest review which may include constructive criticism if I feel something has characteristics that could be improved upon. The only way for a brand or person to improve skills or products is through practice and respectful critique from others, so that is what I will offer in reviews I publish here.

Product Reviews & Sponsorships

Items featured in my reviews are purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. I will clearly include in text at the end of a post if the item was sent to me for review or as a gift. I will also note just as clearly if the blog post is sponsored. This included text will contain wording such as, but not limited to “Product sent courtesy of,” or “This review has been sponsored by.” I will not do a sponsored post unless I personally think the item or service is worthy of sharing.

Inquiries regarding reviews and sponsorships may be sent to: rangeelichick@gmail.com

Advertising & Affiliate Networks

Affiliate ads or advertising and referral links may be found on my main homepage and within posts if the ad is relevant to my content and/or readers. Affiliate ads or advertising and referral links, allow a blogger to receive a small commission any time an ad is clicked on, and/or a purchase made as a result of clicking the ad. It is important to me for the ads on Rangeelichick.com to be related to my subject matter and of interest to my reader’s tastes. It is also important to me that I am working with trustworthy networks. Relationships I create with these companies will be based on research I do on the networks I am interested in.

Most often, visual ads are controlled by tracking cookies which read your browser information in order to provide you, the viewer, with ads linked to items and services you may be interested in. The cookies used within these ads do not collect personal information such as names, addresses, etc. If you have concerns related to what cookies do, you may read more about them at allaboutcookies.org. You may disable cookies in your browser, but keep in mind that doing so will impact your internet experience on many websites.

By visiting Rangeelichick.com with browser cookies enabled, you are giving your consent for cookies to communicate with your web browser.


Any personal information submitted by you via subscriber form or contact form will not be given away or sold to third parties. However, I am not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites or services linked to or utilized by Rangeelichick.com. This includes, but is not limited to, the commenting system this site utilizes made by Disqus.

I use Google Analytics for website statistics. Analytics does collect general visitor information such as browser type, computer operating system, basic demographic information, etc. This information may be used by myself to improve this site as it progresses. Google Analytics does not collect personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. You may opt out of Google Analytics tracking by going here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/

Comment Policy

Visitors that leave comments and use social media tools on Rangeelichick.com also grant Rangeelichick access to information including but not limited to their email address, their name, their location, and their social media profile interactions, such as likes and tweets.

I reserve the right to delete any comments that I find to be offensive, harassing, abusive, or spammy. Please use common sense and be respectful with your comments. Thank you! 🙂


Rangeelichick.com is owned and operated by Tashauna (T), and all produced content is my own. All extra media resources used for posts will be credited as necessary. You may share my content via social networks, email, etc., but you may not reproduce, copy, or replicate content or images without my prior consent or unless specifically stated.

If you have any questions, please email rangeelichick@gmail.com.

Last updated: November 18, 2014

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