My Summer Bucket List

Rangeeli Chick Summer Bucket List

Last summer, I decided to make a bucket list. I normally don’t do hyped up, goal oriented lists but I can handle short term bucket lists. I never make a New Year’s Resolution anymore because I feel there is too much pressure attached. Only 8% of resolution makers actually reach their objective. Trust me when I say, I have always been in the remaining 92%. Goals are great, but resolutions have a stigma associated with them that makes us think we need to do something that will transform us in a huge way. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and the key to making a reachable goal is to set an objective that is first and foremost realistic.

Bucket lists are somewhat similar to the almighty resolution, but I don’t think there is quite as much pressure or hype. Most of the time, a bucket list is made up of things to do in one’s lifetime. I have one of those hiding somewhere as well, but I wrote it maybe ten years ago. It doesn’t really apply to who I am today. My life has changed since then. My wants have changed a lot as well. This is why I like the short term bucket list a lot more–it is current and can grow with me.

I basically look at my list as things I’d like to do over the next three months or so. If I don’t get them done by the chosen time of completion, it is ok. I can still do the remaining activities on my list at some point, it just didn’t happen over the summer. I don’t beat myself up about it. Whatever I did accomplish I still feel good about. That should be the point; a bucket list is a guide, it isn’t a set in stone list that should make you feel badly about what you did not or could not do.

Last year when I made my bucket list, I wrote down 15 things and put them into three categories: Things to Make, Things to Do, and Places to Go. I completed only four things on my list last summer and semi-completed another, but in no way did I see anything on my list as failure.

So, what did I complete?

  1. Get some sun. I am normally a homebody–doing things outdoors doesn’t really thrill me. I hate bugs because I can’t really shoo them away very well, I burn fairly easily, and I get bored. On the other hand, I enjoy the heat of the sun, going out without needing a jacket, and vitamin D is extremely important. Making myself go outside felt good! I don’t know about you, but being in the sunshine really boosts the mood and makes me a little more motivated.
  2. Start a blog of randomness. I can only say I completed this about a third of the way last summer. I began trying to put together this blog and found a nice layout. The problem was my creative drive wasn’t really there. Now, I am happy to say I am in a more ambitious and creative frame of mind for this project.
  3. Read three books. I went way beyond this–I read over ten books from June to mid September. I was really in the reading groove!
  4. Attend a nearby arts festival. This wasn’t a very difficult thing to achieve. I am not sure I will go this summer as it sometimes isn’t all that fun due to big crowds and curbs. These two things aren’t exactly wheelchair friendly.
  5. Go to the Minnesota State Fair. I have never been to this fair and I had always heard about all the foods on a stick and the butter statue carving. Being the second largest state fair in the country (Texas is the largest), it is about time I went to it since I have lived in Minnesota my entire life. I didn’t eat anything on a stick that day, but I am an adventurous eater and was totally enthusiastic to try the new cow tongue tacos! Yum!

None of the above fell in the “Things to Make” category, so maybe I will try harder to accomplish making a physical object this year. Now, let me show you my Summer of 2013 Bucket List which will cover the entire summer beginning on June 1st, and ending September 15th.

Things to Make

  • Create a cute design for a t-shirt or other item.
  • Make a crafty piece of jewelry.
  • Make some DIY eyeshadow colors.
  • Cook at least four new recipes per month.
  • Finish the Facebook page.

Things to Do

  • Read at least 12 books.
  • Record at least one public YouTube video.
  • Develop two regular blog segments.
  • Grow some fresh herbs.
  • Go through my closet and get rid of clothes I don’t want.

Places to Go

  • Take a trip to the Mall of America.
  • Go to at least three new restaurants.
  • Go to an Ikea. (I know, I’m weird! I have never been to one, but the idea fascinates me!)
  • Road trip to the East Coast. (This might be wishful thinking!)
  • Drive to a winery and do a wine tasting.

There’s my list! As I said, a bucket list should be used as a guide…a motivator. Most of them are pretty simple and realistic, and from time to time I will refer back to it as a reminder to stay on track. If some of my chosen items don’t get completed, I won’t feel as if I let myself down. It is simply ideas of what I’d like to do. I can always attempt to try again at a later date. Whatever I can cross off this list in September, I will feel happy that I have done what I have done!

Are you making a bucket list for the summer? I would love to see yours! Feel free to post a link to your list below or tweet me @rangeelichick!


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