6 Things Cold Regions Should Give Citizens

6 Things Cold Regions Should Give Citizens

Cold weather rant time! I despise Old Man Winter. He is my enemy. He is the reason the next few months will irritate the hell out of me. First, the sun is taken away from us an hour earlier due to daylight’s savings time and the daylight still continues to shorten–then we get a snowstorm.

The first snowstorm of the season moved in last night, an unwanted tenant. Ugh. I don’t remember liking Winter as a small child very much either. I could still walk then, but I couldn’t do outdoor activities without help, like sledding. My balance wasn’t that great either. Walking on icy cement was dangerous for me and all the snow gear made it difficult for me to move. It was so much fun! *sarcasm*

I hate freezing my ass off. But I also hate putting on more clothes because it hinders the little movement I do have. I go out only if I really have to because once I get cold, it’s hard to warm up and I just feel tired.

I’d rather be too hot than too cold. I’d rather take clothes off (obviously within reason) than put more on.

Anyway, states that have to endure harsh Winter months should get some perks, don’t you? I mean, with the season comes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the days are shorter and we are lacking vitamin D. We have to pay outrageous heating bills, there’s holiday pressure to plan and buy gifts thus adding to the hits our wallets take. Not to mention the hassles of snow and it’s removal. So, I have devised a list of 6 things cold regions should give to the citizens having to deal with the weather.

1. Give every household free or discounted heat. The utility companies charges keep going up, and it’s not like they are encouraging us to get solar panels to help gather energy for our own homes–not that we get much sun as it is.

2. Set every household up with a UVB Tanning Bed to encourage people to get more vitamin D.

3. Vitamin D in pill form (chewable gummies perhaps), would be good as well.

4. Mass distribute electric fireplaces made by the Amish.

5. Free grocery delivery to everyone so there is no need to make more trips outside than necessary.

6. Automatic snow plowing services. When I say automatic, I mean the city goes and plows driveways automatically because you live in that town. You do not need to hire anyone, it’s provided by the city for free (well not entirely, citizens pay taxes).

That’s all I can really think of now. Wouldn’t those things be nice? I thought about putting booze on the list but nah. That wouldn’t help much.

I suppose my ranting about Winter won’t make things improve, I only wanted to get this out of my system!



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