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Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Southwestern Fringe

Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Southwestern Fringe

You know what Friday is? It’s Fantasy Wardrobe Friday! I am looking forward to doing this weekly segment every week because I do enjoy shopping! Albeit this is virtual window shopping, but that’s ok too!

Today’s inspiration was this Southwestern Poncho from Forever 21. Last Winter, I had been at the Mall of America Forever 21 and bought a different Southwestern patterned poncho with a detachable fur collar. It was really affordable, as is the one above. I love ponchos. They are such an easy thing to put on and wear. Speaking from a disability standpoint, I like being able to throw it over my head and not need to worry about threading my hand through a bulky sleeve. That can be a bit challenging. Actually, it’s a downright pain in the ass (my animosity for the cold temps is coming out).

Anyway, when it’s cold like this I still need to wear my Winter coat…maybe if I had a poncho made out of a down comforter I could ditch my coat.

The fringed Minnetonka boots I felt were a nice addition to the poncho. Monnetonka makes really comfortable leather footwear. I have a pair of their moccasins and they feel nice on the feet.

To round out the rest of the Southwestern fringe ensemble, I added a black fringed bag, silver accented rubber bracelets, feather earrings, and a fun fedora like hat.

Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Fall Classy Plaid


FWF Classy Plaid Fall Coat

I decided I wanted to start a new regular segment on my blog by utilizing Polyvore. I call this “Fantasy Wardrobe Friday.” Basically, it’s a collage of pieces I wish I had in my closet, hence the words fantasy wardrobe. What woman doesn’t dream of more clothes in her closet?

Polyvore is a stylists dream. A fashion lover can go to the site, create an account, and choose from millions of items from thousands of designers to create a style board. If you see a clothing online that you want to see in a collage, you can also use the “Clip to Polyvore” button for your browser. It’s just a fun thing to play with. I admit, this is a bit of a sorry looking collage. Honestly, I haven’t worked much with Polyvore, so this is new to me! This will not be the regular format. I’m still in the experimentation stage. The products are linked using the ShopSense publisher website. The site creates affiliate links and widgets that bloggers can use for their websites. I am playing around with using that as well.

Anyway, about the clothes…I was going to a Fall outdoors look that was classy and edgy at the same time. The coat is a classic, larger scale, black and cream plaid. I thought the red lambswool scarf was a nice pop of color since I stayed with mainly black or gray in the accessories and pants. The black booties aren’t likely the most practical for chilly weather, but since this is a fantasy wardrobe, it doesn’t matter, right?


Admittedly, this is another short post because I have been trying to get a recipe post together. Those take more time for me to plan and compose. Yesterday I got groceries and planned out the execution of the dish. Since I can’t physically take the photos or cook the food, I direct everything step by step. I got that done last night as well! All the photos need to be edited and the content written now!