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NaBloPoMo: What Happens When... | Rangeelichick.com

NaBloPoMo: What Happens When…

…You decide to challenge yourself with National Blog Posting Month at the last minute, and you have other things you need or want to do? Posts like this happen! I have no topic I want to blog about right now, I just needed a break to do some other projects. However, I can’t just post nothing when I can post a little blurb and not miss a day of the challenge.

November isn’t halfway through yet, and I usually have only enough energy to write one post per day. Yesterday, in addition to writing one, I did the prep for another recipe post. That will be tomorrow’s task I think.

This NaBloPoMo challenge has already taught me a thing or two about the next one; start early and pre-write some content for the days I can’t or don’t want to invest a major chunk of my day to writing.

I just need to keep pushing. I can do this!

Have you written any of your NaBloPoMo content in advance? How many posts did you prepare beforehand?

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