Final NaBloPoMo Post!

final nablopomo post

It is the last day of the NaBloPoMo 2014 and I have done it! This is the final NaBloPoMo post! I was away this weekend and had yesterday’s post done the night before thinking that tonight I’d have enough energy to write this celebratory post when I got home.

I was sooooo wrong! I am exhausted and just want to zone out right now…but ok, focus T, focus…just a little bit longer!

This week will be a planning week for the Rangeelichick blog, so it’s going to be a lot quieter than it’s been. I have mentioned needing an editorial calendar a few times now (you’re probably telling me to shut up about the damn calendar already), and I will be brainstorming more content that I can bring to you here (probably expect a post on truffle oil in the near future). I’ll also be catching up on some reading, blog surfing, and Second Life design work I have been wanting to finish.

There are some site tweaks I aim to complete, one of which is to create a static contact page to make it easier for people to get in touch.

I am also planning a little something unexpected, so watch for it in the future!

I’m proud to have completed this blogging challenge. It has given me another sense of purpose and creativity that I hadn’t been fully into before in this capacity. I proved to myself I can write something every day for a month (which is not something I can easily do because I don’t like monotony), and that even when I feel like I have nothing to write about, I can nearly always find something!

This time next year, I’m not sure I will be participating in NaBloPoMo 2015. I feel that doing this was something I really needed to do for myself this year, and it might not have the same kind of purpose for me next time. Ask me in six months! I may just have changed my mind and will have another purpose for doing it.

I had a list of goals when I began, and to review, I am posting them below:

  • Always write like myself. In blogging it isn’t necessary to write as if I’m working on a Master’s thesis.
  • Don’t compare anything I do with anyone who I think has more skill. This includes comparing blog aesthetics, content, writing skill, or post topics.
  • It doesn’t matter if I can’t think of a post topic. If I have no idea, I can post pictures or quotes I find amusing. I don’t always need to write a lot.
  • Always tweet, pin, and share every post no matter how shy I might be to publicize it.
  • Try to start writing longer post ideas on the previous day.
  • If I somehow don’t meet the challenge, I won’t feel like I failed. Everyone learns something from an unmet goal and it is possible to try again!
  • Don’t worry about opinions of others. Nasty comments aren’t constructive and often come from people who have nothing better to do.

In assessing these, I completed all my goals! Woohoo! And I thought it was going to be hard! (I’m certainly not saying it was easy though!) I’d suggest doing a blog challenge to every blogger. It stretches your skills and gets your ideas flowing better. You’re never alone in your challenge, and you will feel good when you have 30 more posts on your blog in the end.

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment, added me on social media, liked something on social media, or shared anything from the Rangeelichick blog. I am thankful for your support and encouragement!

Do you like blog challenges? What has been your biggest struggle with a blog challenge?


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  1. David Knapp-Fisher

    Congratulations on your accomplishment T! You’ve worked hard, and stayed really committed to the process, so you have a lot to be proud of! Enjoy the well-earned rest! Cheers, David

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