Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Women’s Winter Boots

womens winter boots

I’m back with another Fantasy Wardrobe Friday after a short absence! It feels good to get back to these Friday posts. I find them to be pretty fun to put together every week.

The topic this week is Women’s Winter Boots! It has been absolutely frigid here since right after Christmas, and if I could, I’d be wearing some of this funky footwear! Alas, I can’t shove my feet into boots anymore so all I can do is admire them. But that’s ok! I enjoy checking out the trends.

Where I live, boots are a must (at least for those who walk–I guess I can count myself lucky, I don’t need to put my feet in the snow)! A lot of the styles in the stores here though are kind of boring. That’s what happens when you live in a small town. Comfort should trump style if you will be spending some time outdoors so you don’t end up freezing your toes off, but not all boots for cold weather have to be cumbersome and utilitarian looking. As soon as I saw all of these styles, I thought they evoked style and warmth without being completely impractical (meaning, boots with heels that don’t work well on icy, snow covered ground).

I think my favorite out of the five is the Joan of Arctic Wedge Ankle boot (ok, it’s a wedge…sort of like a heel).

What Winter boot pictured here is your favorite? What type of boots do you like to wear during the cold months?

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