Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

valentines day jewelry gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (the ads are all over the place). Red, white, and pink hearts are friggin’ everywhere, the symbol of the event…I guess hearts are almost like a logo for Valentine’s Day if you think about it. Though there is also Cupid’s arrow and Cupid himself. Anyway, the heart shape is the most synonymous with the day, but it has never really been my favorite shape at all. So, for this week’s Fantasy Wardrobe Friday, I decided to compile a collection of heart-free Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts.

I mixed things up a little stylewise. There’s some chunky, dainty, blingy, and natural looking pieces. I really like all of these items, but my favorites besides the chunky rainbow statement necklace are the items with the more organic stones and geodes. They are very pretty and the metal parts have a lot of simplicity, so all of your attention goes right to the colorful stones. They would definitely make unique gifts for Valentine’s Day!

What are your suggestions for unique Valentine’s Day gifts?

Swarovski Creativity Ring


Janna Conner Turquoise Fire Agate Aurelie Ring


Full Spectrum Crystal Bracelet


Navy Drusy Rue Ring


Turquoise Fire Agate Pendant Necklace


Rainbow Frank Collar


Illuminating Rectangle Ring


Grace Cuff


Vintage Crystal Studs


Terra Rock Pendant


Concentric Wrap Bracelet


Pyxis Earrings


Pavé Droplet Ear Crawlers



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