Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Super Bowl Cute

Super Bowl Cute

This week’s Fantasy Wardrobe Friday is inspired by…you guessed it! The Super Bowl! I thought it would be an interesting challenge for me since I’m not a sports fan and don’t have any jerseys or athletic wear in my closet. Well, I have sneakers…those might count I guess.

I wondered how I was going to put together two game day looks, but I thought obviously the outfits would be very wearable, simple, and casual. I didn’t really take into account whether or not I was going to make them outdoor friendly before I started working on them. So, the Patriots outfit is a little more geared for a colder climate. The Seahawks ensemble could be more for an indoor party setting.

I think the two looks also somewhat resemble the style of their respectable geographic locations. When I think New England, I think peacoat, whereas I feel like Seattle is in more of a puffy vest region.

Maybe that’s just a weird association in my brain. Haha.

Anyway, whatever team you are cheering for, please have a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday!

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