Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Southwestern Fringe

Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Southwestern Fringe

You know what Friday is? It’s Fantasy Wardrobe Friday! I am looking forward to doing this weekly segment every week because I do enjoy shopping! Albeit this is virtual window shopping, but that’s ok too!

Today’s inspiration was this Southwestern Poncho from Forever 21. Last Winter, I had been at the Mall of America Forever 21 and bought a different Southwestern patterned poncho with a detachable fur collar. It was really affordable, as is the one above. I love ponchos. They are such an easy thing to put on and wear. Speaking from a disability standpoint, I like being able to throw it over my head and not need to worry about threading my hand through a bulky sleeve. That can be a bit challenging. Actually, it’s a downright pain in the ass (my animosity for the cold temps is coming out).

Anyway, when it’s cold like this I still need to wear my Winter coat…maybe if I had a poncho made out of a down comforter I could ditch my coat.

The fringed Minnetonka boots I felt were a nice addition to the poncho. Monnetonka makes really comfortable leather footwear. I have a pair of their moccasins and they feel nice on the feet.

To round out the rest of the Southwestern fringe ensemble, I added a black fringed bag, silver accented rubber bracelets, feather earrings, and a fun fedora like hat.

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