Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Marsala Hues

Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Marsala Hues

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 has been announced, and the color is….MARSALA!

Hears silence…

Yea, that was my reaction too. What color is Marsala anyway?

Actually, some of you may be asking what the hell Pantone is. If you aren’t in some kind of art or design field, or if you aren’t a fashion enthusiast, you maybe haven’t heard of it. Think of Pantone Inc. as the color gods of the universe. The company is best known for the Pantone Matching System, which is a cohesive set of color guides used in the printing, paint, plastic, interior and fashion design industries to color match whatever colors they are using. The colors and their numbers, are held within books of Pantone cards. Basically, they are similar to swatches of paint you’d find at your local hardware store (but not free).

So, if a company uses a certain type of red on their logo, they give the number of that shade of red to the designer who is making them a tradeshow banner. The designer can find that exact color in the Adobe Photoshop software’s color library, and use it in the banner.

Pantone began choosing colors of the year back in 2000. Cerulean, a light toned blue was the “it” color that back then. Pantone hosts a secret meeting in Europe twice a year for two days to determine these colors that will dictate the upcoming year’s trends in consumer driven industries. It sounds like there is some serious debating going on among the color standards experts who take part in this.

I wonder why they chose Marsala. The actual swatch doesn’t really capture my attention. Then again, it is a flat wash of color on a screen or piece of paper. Objects give color dimension and depth.

pantone color of the year 2015 marsala

It’s like…a muddied up plummy red…or reddish plum…like a bruise. I really don’t know how to describe it, but the fancy images of models and settings on the Pantone website made it look good. Like I said though, it’s used in a dimensional way and varies in lightness, darkness, and shade.

I love it when the Color of the Year is revealed, but I love it more when the seasonal color sets are announced. They make me feel creative. I enjoy trying to use them.

For this Fantasy Wardrobe Friday, I did a one brand collection of items from Modcloth. I found a bunch of cute things that were in hues of Marsala!

Time and Grace Dress in Merlot

Champagne Sangria Dress

Time Away Tunic in Sangria

Cheerful Cavorting Top

Clock Clock, Who’s There? Top

Editor’s Choice Heel in Wine

Smooth Statement Heel in Chevron

Strut the Strut Bootie in Merlot

Full Course Load Bag in Berry

Smart Spending Coin Purse

Could It Bead? Earrings

Lime Crime Lip Stain in Wicked


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