Fantasy Wardrobe Friday: Downton Abbey Style

downton abbey style


Downton Abbey is a guilty pleasure of mine. Every Sunday night, I am not on my computer from 8-9pm because I am totally devoted to watching the Crawleys and their dramas. I’ve always loved period based movies, television shows, and books. There is so much about past eras that intrigue me, especially the fashion.  It’s so interesting how trends have evolved over time.

When Downton Abbey first began, the fashion was different than where the show is currently. The setting began in 1912 when the Titanic sank. That’s when the Crawley family’s problems all began. They survived World War I, and are sailing through the 1920’s. The show is set in 1924 this season to be precise. The clothing styles had changed much during that short time period alone at the beginning of the 20th century.

Back then, there was such pomp and circumstance with the style habits of the wealthy. They changed clothes multiple times a day, wore corsets until that trend changed, and were required to wear gloves to social functions. But, if you watch Downton Abbey, how can you not drool over the luxe fabrics, intricate details, and dazzling jewels that were popular at that time?

So, this week’s Fantasy Wardrobe Friday is my set of Downton Abbey inspired fashion picks!

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